Opawa Homestead Map

Opawa Homestead is part of this region and is a two-hour drive south of Christchurch and a 2.5-hour drive north from Dunedin. The region is the ideal base to explore Mount Cook and the Waitaki Lakes.

Distances to Opawa Homestead from

Geraldine 71kms
Lake Tekapo 68kms
Wanaka 271kms
Mt Cook 173kms
Queenstown 330kms
Christchurch 199kms
Dunedin 235kms
Te Anau 515kms
Timaru 65kms

Temperature ranges from −7 degrees C° in winter to +43 degrees C° in summer. Rainfall 600mm/annum. Sunshine 2000 hours/annum.

Casual and comfortable, but always bring some form of wind resistant/shower proof jacket and comfortable footwear — especially if venturing into the backcountry. Warm clothing is necessary for the winter months — June to August. Please be aware that we experience snowfalls often so suitable clothing is necessary.

Opawa Homestead (Est 1862), Rutherford Rd,
RD14, Albury, New Zealand
Tel: 64 3 685 5909,
Email: info@opawahomestead.co.nz

Your Host: Julie Hadfield